Projects Funded by CCF

Cortland County Historical Society

In 2013, the Foundation granted $1,750.00 to the Historical Society to replace the ramp at the main entrance to the museum.

In 2010, the Suggett House had to be evacuated due to a gas leak from the furnace that heats the research center. The Cortland Community Foundation granted the Historical Society $5,000 to replace the furnace. Funding was also provided for the purchase and installation of an entrance door, installation of shelving in the basement storage area and to improve the ventilation of the basement.

In 2007, the Cortland Community Foundation granted the Cortland County Historical Society $17,500.

A grant for $10,000 was for the replacement of the roof over their research center and excavation of the west lawn to help reduce dampness in the meeting rooms.

A $4,000 grant was awarded to replace a furnace that heated its meeting room. Mary Ann Kane, former director of the Historical Society stated “It’s not like some grants where you make request and it has to be in on the first of March and you don’t hear until October. It was very quick. I think that’s the beauty of having this foundation, their roots are right here, where the people are who need funding.”

A grant for $3,500 was awarded to sponsor the Cortland County Bicentennial Stamp Cancellation Project.